Buttons Dance & Tune Book


  1. Altrincham (Wind the Bobbin, Three Jolly Sheepskins)
  2. Ashton (La Maurice)
  3. Blackburn (Rattle the Cash, Lady in the Boat)
  4. Butter Cups and Daisies (Huntsman's Chorus, Buxton Processional)
  5. Carrlodge (My Love She's but a Lassie Yet)
  6. Churchtown (Gisburn Processional, Hundred Pipers)
  7. Clitheroe (Clitheroe)
  8. Colne (Oyster Girl, Rosin the Bow, Dingle Regatta)
  9. Crewe (Cock 'o the North)
  10. Durlston (Rochdale Coconut Dance, Dusty Miller)
  11. Failsworth (Jimmy Allen, William Brown)
  12. Fleetwood (Love in a Village, Southport Polka)
  13. Gorton (Soldiers' Joy, Nellie the Elephant)
  14. Grain's Bar (Clow Bank, Match of the Day, Muss i denn)
  15. Hyde (Salmon Tails up the Water, Bobby Shafto)
  16. Ibston Polka (Nellie Bly, Yankee Doodle, Knees up Mother Brown)
  17. Knutsford (Brighton Camp)
  18. Lancashire Processional (Burning Bridges, Whose Jig)
  19. Millbrook (John Ryan's Polka, The Rose Tree)
  20. Portland Hill (Balquidder Lasses)
  21. Prescott Carnival (Monk's March)
  22. Scarlet and Blue (Jenny Lind, Grandfather's)
  23. Stafferton (Captain Lanoe's Quick March, My Love My Love)
  24. Tingley (Castleton Garland, Micky Chewing Gum)
  25. Topsham (Barren Rocks of Aden)
  26. Worthclough (Rogue's March)
  27. Processional (Donkey Riding, Rattlin' Bog, Bobby Shaftoe)

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