Dorset Buttons Morris -- Contacts


Is the squire of the Ladies team, the arbiter of our destinies, our chief of chiefs.

As you can see; sometimes it all gets a bit much. You could cheer her up by joining us as a dancer. We need the reinforcement and it‘s great fun. It‘s not really as difficult as we sometimes make it appear.

Find her on jacky.noyce(at -- but you’ll have to change this -- of course)


Is our “Bag Lady” -- Morris-ese for general factotum, fount of all wisdom, specialist in the art of gathering frogs in wheelbarrows.

Find her on 01929 480737 or helen.earwicker(at -- but you’ll have to change this -- of course)

Steve -- for the band

Here he is, imposing his very own style of discipline on the band. (He’s really rather nicer than he looks in this -- but the picture’s much too good not to use.

So if you’ve an Alpen Horn or p’raps a Hardanger Fiddle, or indeed pretty well any instrument needing some excercise why not join the band. No very great musical skill or talent is required (which is fortunate; any such requirement would bar the existing band). You'll find our “Dance & Tune Book” somewhere on this web site, that'll show you the kind of stuff we play.

Find him on 01929 480737 or earwicker(at -- but you’ll have to change this -- of course) -- he probably won’t stick his tongue out at you.


Is our brand new Rapper Captain.

Here he is, in the middle of the set. As you can see, he’s not very big (but perfectly formed of course). He used to be a bit bigger but we dropped him on his head a while back in a move called ”The Coup”. So we don’t do that any more. If we dropped him again we might never be able to find him.

If you fancy a bit of sword-play why not give it a go. We always welcome new members, and again we often contrive to make it look much more difficult than it is.

Find him on 01202 691608 or mike.scott1(at -- but you’ll have to change this -- of course)


Bagman to the Rapper team.

Have you ever tried herding cats ? Tony has; or so he tells us, or rather, he says it’d be much the same as acting as Bagman to the Rapper. Still, he’s good at it so we won’t let him off.

Find him on 01929 480850 or anthony613(at -- but you'll have to change this -- of course)