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From The Manchester Courier, and Lancashire General Advertiser, Saturday 22 April 1854:

Bury. Warlike "Peace Eggers"

On Monday, at the petty sessions, James Dowd was charged with assaulting William Scowcroft. shopkeeper.

Defendant was one of a party of "peace Eggers" who went to Mr. Scowcroft's house on Thursday night, and when he endeavoured to turn them out unsatisfied they commenced an attack upon him with sticks.

Dowd, who wounded him on the head, was captured in the house and given into custody, the rest escaped, and as all were masked and disguised, have not been apprehended.

Dowd, it appeared, had previously been before the bench four times under similar circumstances, and in 1853 was fined 5.  The magistrates again inflicted a penalty of 5, or in default of payment to be committed to the house of correction for two months.

The old custom of "peace egging" is becoming a dangerous invasion of the liberty of the subject; the most insolent demands are made by the mummers, and violence is sometimes resorted to when there is not a ready obedience

Although one of the aims of our performance of the Mumming and Pace Egging plays remains that of collecting money from the audience, we would like to reassure the public that the Stourvale Mummers no longer resort to physical violence (leastways, if there's anybody watching) and rely upon the quality of our performances to inspire the generosity of the general public.

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