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The very finest North West Morris team and Rapper team in the whole of Wareham.

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The Ladies

Back in the dim and distant past, 1978 to be precise, Dorset Buttons Morris first sprang out upon the World. There was the ladies’ team, who did the dancing.

Here they are, at Swanage Folk Festival, still going strong.

It’s not as hard as they make it appear -- and we’d welcome new recruits to the team.

and The Band

Some of ‘em can even play these things -- a bit.

We “encouraged” the torch procession for the 2012 Olympics as it passed through Wareham.

If you happen to have a sousaphone that needs some excercise, or perhaps a glokenspiel, or indeed pretty well anything to blow, bash, scrape or squeeze you’d be very welcome to join us.

The Rapper

Eventually, by 1991, it dawned upon some of the band that there might be something in this dancing lark so they formed the Rapper team.

We went to the Dancing England Rapper Tournment in Burton on Trent in 2013 -- and were photographed.

The Rapper team has now rather outgrown its origin in the band, making independent week-end excursions to folk festivals and similar. There are still band members amongst the team however. As with the ladies team and the band new recruits would be very welcome.

If you fancy joining the Ladies, the Band or the Rapper get it touch with us. There's a button for “Contact us” somewhere above -- give it a poke and talk to us. We’re none of us as fearsome as we look.

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